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The son was very lucky to have a lecherous and easy-going stepmother who spoiled him. Because his wife passed away early, the father decided to move on, partly because he wanted to take care of his puberty son and have a full life. enough, the rest is wanting to solve his own sexual needs whenever he needs them, especially after stressful work. Many times the boy has accidentally seen The sexual intercourse scene of his father and stepmother, this made the young boy in his teenage years more and more curious and began to have sexual desires. Until one day, the day when The father went to work, both mother and child drank alcohol together while eating. Due to alcohol in their bodies, both of them could not control themselves and went beyond the allowed limit, they had incest with their partner. together. That is just the opening story for countless secret love affairs that are about to happen between the son and his stepmother.

ALDN-145 Stepmom pampers children
 Movie Code: ALDN-145 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Takazono Yuriko